Looking for a Website Designer in Wexford?

Started in 1999, We've helped over 700 businesses get online
and continue to work with new "Start Ups" each month.


If any of these words mean something to you then you're in the right place, If they don't, then you might be interested in some of the projects we have worked on including NorthWexford.com, GoreyLinks.com or CourtownHarbour.com 

Otherwise please keep reading . . . . . .Cada Media Ltd are located in North Wexford and provide website marketing, strategy & design to businesses looking to gain a high ranking position in search engines and who understand that in 2015 it's not just about getting a website for your business, but a complete on-line strategy. 

So keywords when working with ourselves will be, marketing, web solutions, cloud computing, file storage, VOIP, e-commerce, strategy, technology and generally gaining the upper hand on your competition by using the technology correctly and making it work for you.

It should, and done correctly, it does work.

Can you afford to pay staff to work for you 24 hours a day? Can you afford to have an intelligent system in place so that your Files, Finances and phones are in the cloud. Yes.

If that sounds like the type of people you would like to get your website designed by then contact Dave Jordan by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.My blog is available here with my experience since I started the business in 1999 and working with over 700 customers since then.